While all Swanson men were raised on a strict diet of meats (as described in the hierarchy of meat), I recently became a father and learned that some children enjoy desserts. Frankly, I cannot understand why a person would choose to use available stomach space for anything other than consuming grilled meat. Nevertheless, here is my Some More Recipe (you may call it a s’more, and I will ask you to kindly grow up).


  • Graham cracker
  • Marshmallow
  • Chocolate bar
  • BBQ sauce


Place chocolate, marshmallow, and BBQ sauce between two graham cracker squares.
Wrap in tin foil and grill.

Other people may have their own recipes but they are wrong. Here is the Ron Swanson grill recipe.


  • Meat (see hierarchy of meat)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Bun, if necessary


Salt and pepper your meat.
Put your meat on the grill.
When it is done cooking, take the meat off of the grill.
Let it rest and then eat the meat.


Things You Need to Grill

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Hierarchy of Meat

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